Request from Fort Calhoun Post Office

Fort Calhoun Post Office is asking customers for help in clearing snow and ice from approaches to mailboxes this upcoming winter season, so carriers can maneuver their vehicles in and out more efficiently and safely.

Carriers will continue to do their best to deliver the mail, but unsafe conditions such as large amounts of snow blocking mailboxes can delay or even prevent mail delivery. If access is not safe, rural carriers must consider safety first. Carriers are instructed to refrain from delivering to locations they deem too hazardous.

Some tips:

  • Customers are asked to clear enough snow from mailboxes — at least six feet on both sides of the mailbox — so the carrier may approach and leave without backing up or having to get out of his or her vehicle. 
  • Walkways need to be cleared so as to allow enough traction to avoid slips, trips and falls. We are receiving a lot more packages that may need to be taken to the door and we need a clear path to deliver.
  • Steps – especially painted wood — must be kept clear of ice and snow and in good repair.